About Us

Bluestone Home Loans LLC was created to better serve the needs of the customer. Our founder, Matt McMahon, learned the business as a loan officer at a large regional bank. He valued his time there and worked with many outstanding individuals.

However, he also noticed general inefficiencies that any large financial institution faces that didn’t seem to directly help the customer and could be improved upon. Costly marketing efforts, layers of management, expensive and unused office space, employee turnover, misaligned incentives; these are just some of the costs that add up and ultimately cost the consumer more money.

On a chance meeting with a fellow industry professional, Matt was surprised to hear that as a mortgage broker, using the ability to shop dozens of lenders simultaneously, he could offer lower rates. Furthermore, with a larger product set and more flexible guidelines, he could qualify a much wider range of customers. Once discovered, creating Bluestone Home Loans was the next logical decision.

After careful thought on a name, Matt decided on Bluestone Home Loans. The name Bluestone pays homage to his alma mater, James Madison University, whose buildings are made from a local bluestone quarry. Bluestone also symbolizes stability and strength, two qualities we bring to a sometimes tumultuous industry.

Bluestone Home Loans is exclusively a Virginia mortgage brokerage. We are experts on the ins and outs of Virginia mortgage transactions and are a great option for those who prefer to do business locally.

Bluestone Home Loans is excited to work with you. We are confident that you will receive the right program, a great interest rate, and a less stressful mortgage experience. We encourage you to reach out with any questions.


Bluestone Home Loans LLC is a licensed Virginia, DC & Florida mortgage broker.
NMLS ID #1756752.


We are proud member of the Mortgage Bankers Association.